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Buying a home ranks among life's most significant purchases, yet it need not be a daunting ordeal. Ryan is dedicated to guiding you through the journey, ensuring you find the perfect home that aligns with your aspirations, commitments, and lifestyle. He is committed to providing professional service throughout the home buying process, aiming to infuse it with enjoyment and anticipation. 

Ryan emphasizes the importance of having a professional REALTOR®️ by your side, whether you're considering your first home or your tenth. To facilitate your understanding, he has developed a step-by-step home buying process designed to simplify the journey. Explore this page to gain insight and knowledge about the process as you embark on your home search.

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Step 1: Find a REALTOR®️

To help ensure a successful home purchase, it's important to first choose a REALTOR®️. Narrowing your search may take some time, but it's important to ensure you are working with a professional you trust. A buyer's agent helps clarifies your priorities, suggesting sources of financing and other service professionals, providing resources for neighborhoods, schools, and community amenities, selecting and arranging property showings, evaluating preferred properties, explaining agreements, contracts and forms, suggests contract contingencies to protect you, negotiating in your best interest, keeping all personal information confidential, supervising the entire purchasing process, and addressing any issues that may arise.


It's important to hire a REALTOR®️ who is willing to work for you! Thanks for visiting- should you have any questions on the home buying process, please contact me today! I'm here to help.

Step 2: Assess Your Credit & Finances

Getting a head start on your mortgage now will prepare you to buy a home! Knowing the numbers is an important part of the process for buying a home, including paying close attention to your credit score. Debts and other obligations reduce the amount of cash a lender is willing to lend to you when buying a house. Speaking with a lender early will ensure you're educated on the mortgage process.


Learn more about why your credit score is important when buying a home!

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Step 3: Qualify for a Mortgage

Getting a head start on your mortgage early will prepare you to buy a home! An important part of your strategy for buying a home includes paying attention to your credit status.


Debts and other obligations reduce the amount of cash you can spend on housing, so speaking with a lender early will ensure you're educated on the mortgage process.


As of 2022 in the Atlanta market, buyers are expected to be fully pre-approved and underwritten when submitting offers. I will provide referrals to local lenders to give you that competitive edge amongst other buyers to secure the home of your dreams!

Step 4: Assess Your Wants & Needs

Finding a new home can be exciting. But, deciding what you truly want and need (within your budget) can be challenging. Making these decisions begins with setting priorities among many different preferences. 

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Step 5: Search for Your Perfect Home

Once you've completed Steps 1-4, it's time to start viewing homes! We'll share homes that fit your criteria and assist you in setting up tours based on your preferences and priorities. 


If you decide to view homes on your own (an open house, for example), please make sure the listing agent knows you are represented or hand them my business card.

Step 6: Make an Offer

When you've found a place that you'd like to call your own, we will help you to write an offer to present to the seller.


Depending on market conditions, you may have to act quickly, before another buyer secures the home!

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Step 7: Schedule a Home Inspection

In today's marketplace, most buyers conduct a home inspection before purchasing. I will provide you with a list of CPI (Certified Professional Inspector) home inspectors.


Depending on the location and the property, this could also include inspections for termites, asbestos, radon, roof condition, foundation condition, and flood damage, just to name a few.


Thanks for visiting- should you have any questions on the home buying process, please contact me today! I'm here to help.

Step 8: Get Your Mortgage Approved

Even if you are pre-approved, an unexpected change in your credit status (such as a job change) could impact your ability to secure financing. Once you are under contract to purchase a home, you will need to select a lender and ensure they have all of your information to get your loan fully approved!

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Step 9: Prepare for Closing

Once inspections, financing and appraisal contingencies are all complete, you're very close to Closing Day...where you actually sign & purchase a home!


Congratulations, you're almost there!

Step 10: Closing + Move in Day

The National Association of REALTORS®️ has found that Americans move on average 11 times in the span of their life. 


Ultimately, deciding whether to move yourself or hire movers comes down to how much work you want to take on, what you can afford and your peace of mind. 

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Thanks for visiting- should you have any questions on the home buying process, please contact me today! I'm here to help.

"Ryan Carroll was the perfect partner for me to navigate the home buying process as a first time home buyer. Ryan was always available and introduced me to offer strategies that set me apart from other potential buyers. Ryan was also very accommodating and met me at properties in the early evenings after I got off work. He also worked late into the night to submit offers which was essential in this competitive market. I would recommend Ryan to anyone looking to buy a property."

Bought a home in Roswell, GA 30076


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